Fab Five Summer Must Haves

It is now May and summer is just around the corner. Everyone will be hitting the beach and pools in no time. In January, I was able to go on a cruise with my hubby and test out a bunch of products that are perfect for summer or a beach vacation. I loved them so much I had to share with all of you. Some of these items would also be an excellent Mother’s Day gift if you are still in need of a one. I also will be sharing my review of my cruise soon because now is the perfect time to be planning a nice cruise vacation for January.

First up is my all time favorite swimming suit company – Hapari.com. They know how to design a swimsuit for women. I got one of their tummy tuckbottomwith 2 tankini tops for my trip. I purchased the black rainbow SOS tankini which happens to be on sale right now for $29.00 and the Sunset Palm Sports tankini top. The great thing about their tankini tops is that most have special style tabs allowing the top to be worn 3 different ways; halter, tank and criss cross. I also love that they are long!

Being that I am an almost 40 year old mom, “the girls” just ain’t what they use to be when I was 20. So their suits allow for silicone inserts. I got a set of the half illusion inserts to feel more confident in my suit. It is also great for any woman who is a breast cancer survivor. Prosthesis can easily be placed in the takinis or you can use their full illusion inserts. Love Hapari! They are currently offering free shipping on domestic orders over $100 and 20% off with code spring20. Be sure to check out their $39 and under sale too!

hapari tankini

To go with my Hapari suit, I also bought this Roll Down Waist Beach Skirt from Girls4Sport on Amazon. The skirt is made from swim suit material and can be worn as a cover up or in the water. I know a lot of us women don’t like showing the back of our legs when wearing a swim suit. I am one of those women. I kept my skirt on while in the water. It was another great item to help me feel comfortable and confident when wearing my swim suit. I also plan on purchasing Sport Pant as soon as it is available in my size. The skirt is well made and well worth the price. It should last me many summers to come.

swim skirt

Next up is sunscreen. I love a sunscreen that smells good. If I am going to have to put it on, I want it to at least smell good and make me think of the beach. I love the smell of Hawaiian Tropic and discovered they have a new moisturizing sunscreen. So not only are you protecting yourself from the sun but you also get great moisture added to your skin. This is a great 2 for 1 item.


My number 4 pick is a shellac manicure. I am not one who loves artificial nails. I like natural nails and have nails that grow pretty good. I decided to try out a shellac manicure for my trip. I got them done for $25 from a cute girl named Jen. So if you are near South Jordan, Ut and want to give Jen a call, just email me and I will give you her info. The manicure provides a nice cover over you natural nails and makes your nails feel stronger like artificial nails. Manicures should last 14 days or longer. I found mine to last for about 3 weeks, but I push it for 4. They also dry instantly so you don’t need to worry about messing up your manicure after you leave. I loved this!


Last is Smart Dogs Flip Flops. I have never had a more comfortable flip flop. They have some nice cushion to them. I picked up a pair just like the ones pictured below at Sam’s Club for around $15. You might be able to still find them there. If not, you can get them from the Smart Dog website. They offer free shipping!

smart dogs

Disclosure: I purchased these products on my own and have not been compensated at all for a review. These are just items that I discovered on my own and wanted to share with all of you.

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