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Unstoppable families are always on the move, creating memories and embarking on adventures at a moment’s notice. Instead of admiring those fun family memories from inside your camera, print them out and share them!

My family is Unstoppable. We are on the move all the time.  I swear, life gets even busier when you have teenagers in your home. I have told some of my friends that I feel like it is like having a newborn, but it is just different.  You have to spend as much time taking care of them as when they were a newborn, it is just different time.  However, I am loving it.


The Uncrustables Unstoppable Family Photo Contest that I posted about before, is now in the voting phase. From now through March 6th, you can vote for your favorite entry at www.uncrustables.com.

Smucker’s Uncrustables has also provided a giveaway for RMK readers – an Uncrustables Unstoppable Family Photo Package.

Each Unstoppable Family Photo Package consists of the following:

  • Canon Compact Digital Photo Printer
  • Uncrustables Coupons

From now until Friday April 12th, you can enter to win and Unstoppable Family Photo Package here.  Then two Unstoppable Family Photo Packages will be picked each week for 6 weeks. So two winners will be announced on March 9th, March 16th, March 23, March 30th, April 6th, and April 13th.

You can enter 2 ways.  From now until March 6th, vote in the Smucker’s Unstoppable Family Photo contest and leave a comment here that you did so.   Then from now until Friday April 12th at midnight (MST), leave a comment on this post about what you do to help your family be unstoppable.

Winners will be announced at the bottom of this post on each of the dates listed above.

Uncrustables has also partnered with Olympic gold medal figure skater and busy mom-of-two, Kristi Yamaguchi, to offer tips and back to school ideas for on-the-go families. Visit www.uncrustables.com to check out Kristi’s tips and unstoppable family videos.

Week 1 winners are: Kelly D who said: I voted in the contest.

Maralea who said: We stay unstoppable by eating healthy and staying active!

Week 2 winners are: D Schmidt who said: I voted for Emile M! 3/3

Carol W who said: We are an unstoppable because we stick together. We like to do things together and support each other. thanks carolwegs at gmail dot com

Week 3 winners areDadtastic who said:

Encouragement, Support and lots of love helps our family to be unstoppable

Sarah G who said:  I voted in the contest!

Week 4 Winners are: Debbie who said: I help my family be unstoppable by cooking healthy meals and encouraging lots of playing outside.

Harmony B who said:  I voted for Emile

Week 5 winners are: Maria W. who said: I help my family be unstoppable by keeping the refrigerator stocked with nutritious foods and encouraging them to walk instead of drive to neighborhood shops.

angela spengler who said: We are unstoppable because we love and support each other.

Week 6 winners are: Melissa who said: I voted. And keep my family going with a healthy breakfast and great foods and lots of liquids.

Casey who said: We’re unstoppable because we try to do what it right.





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