Fab Five Memorial Day Menu

For today’s Fab Five, I have put together an entire menu for you from my archives.  This way if you are still unsure of what to do for your bbq on Monday, there is no need to stress.  I have done the work for you!  Unfortunately, you will still have to go to the store if need and make it.

First up is the main dish.  I kept it easy by sticking with hot dogs.  These grilled bbq dogs get a coating of bbq sauce and then are topped with coleslaw and dill pickle spears. You could even use the J Dawg Sauce that I shared earlier this week with the bacon wrapped hot dogs.  Just use it in place of the bbq sauce.


Next up is a salad.  Now since the hot dog has creamy coleslaw on it I opted for this cucumber and tomato salad.  It is the perfect picnic safe salad to take and is simple to make.  This one needs to be made at least one hour in advance so you can even make it in the morning.


Now instead of potato salad, I chose a healthier potato recipe – grilled potatoes with bbq dipping sauce.  This is one of my favorite was to have potatoes once grilling season rolls around.

Next up is an easy fruit dip to serve along fresh fruit of your choice.  You could even have guests bring the fruit for you.  It takes a few minutes to whip up this tasty dip.


Last, I have sugar cookie bars for dessert.  This is the easiest way to make sugar cookies.  Just go for white frosting and some patriotic sprinkles and you are set.  Or, you can easily use the cookie base and turn it into a fruit pizza.   Use the topping from this fruit pizza recipe and top it with blueberries and strawberries to resemble a flag!


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